Don’t Talk On The Phone And Drive, Pikul Said.

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- There were 9,535 motorcycle accidents on Florida roads last year, along with 6,521 bicycle crashes. Of those, 611 resulted in fatalities. Florida’s warmer weather means there are always a lot of bikes on the road, and the number goes up as summer approaches. JFRD: Multiple people hurt in Jacksonville motorcycle crash The state consistently has among the highest number of bike accidents in the country.  Florida Highway Patrol Capt. Tom Pikul said motorcycles and bikes have the same rights on the road as cars or semi-trucks. He said all drivers need to focus on the road and little else. “Remember to keep those distractions to a minimum. Don’t text and drive. Don’t talk on the phone and drive," Pikul said. "Ensure that you are paying attention to the road, and that your mind is on the road, your eyes are on the road and your hands are on the wheel. Keep an eye out for everyone else.” Pikul said motorcyclists and cyclists need to do their part as well, by following laws that do not allow lane sharing or weaving in and out of traffic. State officials said that of the 10,232 motorcyclists involved in a crash, 42 percent were not wearing a helmet and more than 85 percent were male.

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Florida Accountant

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